Benny Smiles

Benny Smiles is an electronic music producer from Dublin, Ireland. His Hotline Miami 2 EP is out now, featuring music composed for the cult smash video game Hotline Miami 2.

With support slots with London Grammar (sold out, Academy, Dublin) and Ghostpoet (The Button Factory, Dublin), plus a raft of festival appearances (Electric Picnic, Castlepalooza, Indiependence, Hard Working Class Heroes) under his belt, Benny is now working on his third EP. The first single, “Somehow Yours Do” is out now.

Benny Smiles exploded into the world in 2012, receiving glowing press for his debut EP “Sunshine / Moonlight” in August. After much lauded performances at Electric Picnic, Castlepalooza and Hard Working Class Heroes, Benny Smiles was tipped by Hotpress as HOT for 2013.


INDUBLIN.IE: “First [at Hard Working Class Heroes 2014], to the Workman’s Club for one-man electro wonder machine Benny Smiles. Infectiously upbeat loops, guitar, and Bowie-esque vocals, with the occasional healthy dose of slap bass was warmly met by the crowd. Yet it was Smiles’ stage presence that really endeared him to those present. Informing us early in the set he had foolishly taken a valium to help fight off a flu; if he is this good when sick and under the influence you can only image how good he is when on top form. A definite highlight of the festival, how this guy isn’t already huge is a mystery.”

CHASSEUR MAGAZINE: “Benny is by far the most charming, energetic, addictive, unique and pleasurable acts of the [Hard Working Class Heroes 2013] festival so far. He asks everyone to take “seven steps forward” and then proceeds to move and shake across the stage, never missing a note. The audience are in the palm of his hand throughout, truly captivated by his inescapable talent, showing many of the bands how it is done. Industry execs must be salivating at the prospects he presents.”

GOLDENPLEC: “[Somehow Yours Do] is a beauty of a track with hypnotising synths and a captivating video”

HOTPRESS: Tipped HOT for 2013. “‘Moonlight’ featuring Ham Sandwich’s Niamh Farrell is radio-friendly whimsy at its finest. Known to his postman as Ross Fortune, this shapeshifting musicmaker has covered a whole lot of musical ground…barely stepping a foot wrong”

GOLDENPLEC: “With [Sunshine / Moonlight] Benny Smiles shows that he is a diverse and talented artist. His willingness to use different instrumentation and sounds results in tracks that are varied and unique and aurally tantalizing. It is solid proof that he doesn’t have to rely on novelty to grab an audience’s attention.”

NIALLER9: “Benny Smiles has given me one of my favourite tracks of the last month already with ‘Sunday Morning’”

PUFFERFISH: “Playful, fun, fucking awesome… Benny Smiles is making funky electronic music that you can really enjoy. And we mean really enjoy. NCAD girl had us in stitches, and his less comedically oriented work is just as good.”

AOIFE MC RTÉ 2XM: “[‘Sunday Morning’ is] definitely, definitely my favourite of the whole podcast [Nialler9 Podcast 39]…it’s so much fun!”